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Online Vibrant is an online platform for students in Nepal to study, practice questions and take tests for MBBS Entrance Exams and exams of other Medical fields. It has been designed and brought out carefully with the suggestions and opinions of many students, to give the best experience and service possible. Currently, it has more than 30,000 Questions alone from the Medical field.

Online Vibrant is supported by Vibrant MBBS Entrance Entrance Preparation, Nepal’s largest Medical Entrance Preparation Center.


More than 30,000 questions to help you start

Many choices to practice

You can choose to practice from subjects, old question sets, mock tests or schedule tests provided within the platform.

Practice subjects topic-wise

Go deeper with your practice session by practicing subjects topic-wise.

Rich and detailed questions, options, hints and solutions

With detailed hints and solutions, it becomes much easier to read them. Also, the mathematical equations are showed in natural way.

Track your results and progress

See your results immediately and track your progress in real time.

Recent Milestones

Online Vibrant Android app went into #1 Trending within 24 hours of its launch

Online Vibrant amassed more than 3,000 downloads within 24 hours of its launch. It is currently used by thousands of students for Medical entrance exam preparation.

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